Saturday, May 28, 2011

18: Study The Head

Ok, so I am a little obsessed with figuring things out. But if I am going to try to make Blender 3D my main tool for modeling and animating I may as well do it right. I wanted to see my model in 3d before I built it and try to figure out how the edge loops are going to be laid out. This is not a bad exercise as you really do get a good feel for the way bits will likely join to other bits. This is not the final but is surely a good guide. Some studios actually draw lines on the faces of actors in order to see how the edge loops should work, this is no different. I have built a marquette and roughed out where the edge loops should go. The method is a little rough but hey it works. I am not insisting you do this with all your designs but give it a whirl as an exercise in understanding edge loops.

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